Our defense business services the US military, allies and a broad array of government agencies while ensuring we meet and exceed the government’s readiness and economic requirements. Through recurring contracts and vehicles, as well as fulfilling one-time requirements, 55 Group is committed to supporting the defense of the United States and its allies. 


55 Group’s decades of experience enable us to provide a seamless cradle to grave solution for commercial aircrafts, maintenance organizations, and other members of the aerospace industry. Our parts and repair services, combined with leasing and maintenance programs, provide an a la carte menu of solutions for our clients in the commercial aviation community. 


55 Group specializes in tackling our clients’ challenges with legacy sustainment, obsolescence management, and the Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS). Through our vast network of suppliers and repair sources, as well as our access to technical drawings and OEM partners, 55 Group has established an industry reputation for creative problem solving and successful delivery where others have fallen short.



55 Group and its member companies serve as the strategic connection between manufacturers and both defense and commercial customers on a large variety of platforms, systems and programs. We coordinate, source and supply materials and repair services for these markets while specializing in aging and legacy platforms.